China’s Hainan-produced cocoa beans in the spotlight

March 24, 2022

China-made cocoa beans are receiving more and more attention. In Hainan Wanning Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden held in the third China Cocoa Culture Festival, Hainan cocoa beans to attract Chinese and foreign chocolate businessmen to visit, exchange.

Cocoa is one of the world’s three major beverage crops, is the main raw material for making chocolate, beverages, pastries and so on. Last year, China’s Hainan production of cocoa beans to achieve the first export.

Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Thermal Sciences) Institute of Spices and Beverages Cocoa Research Center, the import of Hainan cocoa beans is known as the “Kingdom of Chocolate” in Belgium, the export price of 50 yuan per kilogram (RMB), is two to three times the price of international commodities, indicating that the quality of China’s cocoa beans recognized by the international market This shows that the quality of Chinese cocoa beans is recognized by the international market.

cocoa tree cocoa pod

The picture shows the cocoa tree growing in Hainan Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden. Photo by Huang Yi

Hainan Tropical Agriculture International Technology Transfer Center revealed that there are already companies investing in Hainan to grow cocoa, and more and more domestic and foreign companies seeking cooperation.

Cocoa has a high benefit, secondary processing value-added effect is outstanding, the third production can also be integrated with research experience and other tourism projects, social, economic and ecological benefits are significant, broad application prospects.

“Hainan cocoa bean flavor is very unique, with a rich red fruit and nut flavor.” Chocolate brand “Ke Ke aun” founder, the American Mark this time to examine Hainan cocoa planting and fermentation process, “hope that Hainan cocoa beans made of fine chocolate recommended to the United States consumers.

Hainan cocoa beans have also attracted the attention of foreign media, so that Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, and other traditional cocoa-producing countries of the industry feel a touch of pressure.

Hainan can currently produce only one or two dozen tons of cocoa beans per year and will develop in the direction of a “boutique production area” in the future. The Institute of Thermal Sciences has accumulated a series of mature technologies in cocoa cultivation and processing and hopes to closely exchange and cooperate with other countries in technology in the future to help improve the global cocoa production level.